Style File – 7 March 2012 (Last Day)

Today is one of my student’s last day of training. Time seems to go by so quickly. It was the second week of September when she started and it always amazes me how quick generally my students learn.

From that first day of ABC and pronunciation to now where we talked about the split in labour government, the live exports ban and its reportage in Australian media to the recent Lowy Intrerpreter report on Bob Carr’s position as the minister of foreign affairs vs Stephen Smith’s position in the defense portfolio.

Going through a phase of language learning is not easy. It is a lot of hard work and commitment. Sometime I wish I can learn a language as intensively as they are. 🙂

Today I was wearing:


– Dress from Mossman
– Bag from Miu Miu
– Shoes from Nine West
– Earrings from Venice
– bracelets are gold from Saudi Arabia
– other accessories from various random places


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