Style File – 6 March 2012 (Reading Men)

Somehow I think females can learn a lot about men from the way they dance and (maybe) vice versa. I rarely had a chance to dance with a female partner, so I can’t say much on this matter.

Today, as usual I went to the Swing dancing class. It was a lot of fun and I giggled a lot.

As in most partnered dance types, females (the follower) have to rotate around the class and guys (the lead) have to stay on the same spot.

So, I somehow can read a man’s personality from the way he dances.

Some men are so hard and harsh in dancing. Maybe they don’t realise it, but they give prompts which are too hard and it feels like they are forcing me around. I think men like this are head strong and very selfish.

Some other men are just too soft and I just can’t read their prompts at all. Maybe they don’t know what to do but it just makes me confused. If they have to lead but they don’t know what to do, then as a follower, it just doesn’t work. I think this kind of man is sensitive, but too sensitive and maybe indecisive.

The good one is the one that you feel compatible with. One that gives good prompts with enough strength to let you know where to go, yet can read your body gestures as well. Somehow I think the one that is compatible with me is not necessarily compatible with the others as well. So there must be some sort of different compatibility for each person.

I may be wrong, but so far that’s how I read different dancing partners in my class.

Today I was wearing:


– Jacket & top from review clothing
– Skirt from Ness in Singapore
– Shoes from Charles & Keith
– Bag from Prada
– Earrings from Mimco
– Tights from forever new


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