Style File – 5 March 2012 (Appointments)

I found making some appointments in Canberra is not easy. For some services it can take months to get in.

Last year I had a terrible toothache. I tried to call dentists’ offices and some of them didn’t have any appointments available for about 8 weeks. Luckily I told them them please call me if they get any cancellations. In two days, I got a call and I could see the dentist.

Sometime last year I bought a living social deal for hair laser at Hair Free Plus in Emu Bank in Belconnen. It took me more than 2 months to get a slot. Then when I got the slot, I was 10 min late because the place was tucked in somewhere in Emu Bank. The lady refused to treat me because I was late. They only open Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 5 pm. And they sold 600 deals from living social. I don’t know how they can fit anyone in. Surely one can’t say to the office that “I had to take leave coz I need my bits done”. This is insane. So I lost my money because I couldn’t get an appointment until the expiry date.

My girlfriends gave me a personal stylist session for my birthday last year. I tried to make a booking for the session and after a few emails back & forth we couldn’t find any slot that suits both of us until May. The thing is my gift voucher ends in April. I can make a weekend appointment by paying a 20% surcharge.

Ah well… Canberra and its service industry.

Today I was wearing:


– Top from David Jones
– Skirt from Alannah Hill
– Shoes from Charles & Keith
– Bag from Prada


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