Style File – 3 March 2012 (Feeling Loved)

When I first came to Sydney to see whether I should migrate to Australia or just stay in Singapore, I felt loved.

When I boarded the bus, the bus driver would greet me “mor’n love.. how r u going today?” ,not only that if I go to the cafes or shops the attendants would call me darling or doll or any other term of sweetness.

Australians indeed are very friendly, happy & easy going.

My girlfriend who recently visited Australia commented on the same matter. She even said that Australians are the most friendly backpackers everywhere. And in her backpacking experience, there were no places with no Australians in it.

When the husband & I visited the USA in 2010, whenever I said we’re from Australia, the Americans light up and said they love Australia. Those who hasn’t been to Aussie said that they’d love to come & visit one day. No one that I encountered asked “where is Australia?”.

This experience is a far cry when I visited the USA for attending the HNMUN (Harvard National Model United Nations) conference back in the mid 90s. People (not the conference attendees) always asked me “where is Indonesia?”. Sometime I wondered whether some Americans learnt geography at schools or not.

My girlfriend even said that she loves Canberra and think Canberrans are friendly as well. People always love to chat with her and it has been a very positive & friendly environment.

Nowadays I don’t blush anymore when people call me Love but still feel loved everywhere in this country. 🙂

Today was raining cats & dogs in Canberra. The husband & I visited our dad (the husband’s side) and catch up with him.

This is a photo of Sullivans creek near our place. It looked really full of water because of the wet weather. I haven’t seen this much rain in Canberra for as long as I remember.


I was wearing a batik top that I bought in Jakarta recently for A$ 9. I didn’t try it on when I bought it. I think this top will be great for a pregnant woman. I just feel bigger wearing it.


– earrings from Swarowski
– top : Indonesian batik, no brand from local market
– pants from Minimal
– sandals from Charles & Keith
– bag from LV


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