Style File – 2 March 2012 (Karaoke)

My girlfriend is back in Canberra to visit for the night. She couldn’t find any available place to stay for the night in Sydney because Mardi Gras is on this weekend.

It has been raining for the past few days and we decided to stay home and have a karaoke night. Somehow we thought it will be fun to go and sing in front of strangers in a pub. We head off to the Irish club in Weston Creek ready to embarrass our self.

Unfortunately, again because of Mardi Gras, the karaoke night has been cancelled!

Most Asians whom I know love karaoke. I think this is because it is so relaxing to sing and makes people happy.

Today I was wearing a colour block style to work:


– Top from Red, New York
– Pants from Promod, Milan
– Shoes from ASOS
– Earrings from The Vatican museum gift shop.


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