Style File – 27 Feb 2012 (Nil Idea)

I don’t know what to write here. Nothing really came up to my mind. I remember when I wrote my masters thesis, I venedt to my supervisor that I read too much until my back was sore from too much sitting down. Then I feel like my head was full of new knowledge but I didn’t know what should I write or where should I began.

My supervisor told me to write down anything that came into to my mind. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make any correlation with my previous writing. He told me that I just had to keep writing then I need to reread again and rewrite it on the other day.

The advised seemed to work. Now, I’m glad that I’ve finished the 20,000 words thesis.

Most of my friends whom I met from my masters classes both in NUS & ANU are still yearning for more writing. Some of them continue on to PhD, others do other masters degree.

Maybe once they get the knack of writing, they just can’t stop anymore and keep going.

Anyway, this is what I was wearing today:


– dress from country road
– leggings from a shop in Canberra (forgot the name)
– scarf from a shop in Jakarta
– shoes from DWS shoes in Pasadena
– bag from BCBG Max Azria


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