Style File – 23 Feb 2012 (Yay! Visitor)

Around a year ago we have decided to sell the extra bed in our guest bedroom and turn it into my dressing room instead.

The reason being was because the room has only been used twice over the years. Canberra doesn’t seem to be a very attractive city to hang out and my friends normally said “what would we do there?”. Good question and fair enough.

So nowadays if we (ever) have visitors, we’ll borrow our friend’s blow up bed for our second bedroom.

Today is my lucky day. First of all because my dear friend text me in the morning with a very touching words. I feel so grateful to have a friend like him in my life.

Secondly is because a dear girlfriend decided to visit Australia and stay with us in Canberra for 6 days!! Yay!! That is the longest record so far and I am so delighted 🙂

I’ll try my best to show her the lovely Canberra.

Today I was wearing:


– Top from Mango
– Pants from Mossman
– Accessory : iPad1
– shoes : Paris Hilton
– watch: Gucci

P.s pardon I don’t look very happy coz my it’s the first injection day 😉


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