Style File – 21 Feb 2012 (Bludgerdoom)

When things are back to normality after the holiday, my life seems to work like clock work.

I used to teach night classes, teaching private tuitions and study other things (like Chinese, Japanese , Sewing, Cert IV for Training & Assessments, etc) Mondays to Thursdays night after work so at those times I would arrive home at around 9.30 pm if not later.

Then, the Husband encouraged me to give my self a break from those activities a few months ago. At first, I thought what would I do with my spare time then? I don’t really like watching TV except for ABC News 24. I like TV series but don’t mind if I miss them. I can work on my class preparation but now that things are more organised, it takes me less time to prepare than it used to. Basically I couldn’t think what would I do if I don’t do anything after work!

When I stopped my activities, for the first few weeks it felt so wrong. I feel not very productive with my time and I feel guilty that I don’t learn something or earn something in my spare time.

After a while I got used to being a bludger and enjoying my free nights. I can organise more dinner parties at our place or go to movies or on a dinner date with the Husband on days other than Fridays. I am more relaxed and spend more quality time with the people that I care about.

Now.. I think it’s time to get busy again. It’s nice to relax but doing something gives me enjoyment.

So now the Husband & I are doing Swing dance two nights a week, I’ll be teaching night classes again in a few weeks and maybe I’ll take up French when the next term come up.

When that time comes, life returns again to normality for me.

Today I was wearing:


– Top from Review
– Skirt from Garfunkel
– Bag from Louis Vuitton
– Shoes from Charles & Keith
– Earrings from the Mets shop New York
– Cardigan from Friends of Couture


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