Style File – 20 Feb 2012 (Metabolism Blues)

This morning the Husband & I started again our bootcamp session, weighing regime & calorie counting regiment.

I feel so grateful that the Husband encouraged me to do the bootcamp today to kickstart my week. It was hard and specially harder for me whose idea of exercising lately was floating in the pool.

When I was younger, I couldn’t really get it why (older) people are so obsessed about their diet. Now that I’m that (older) people, I understand why.

The reason is mainly because my metabolism is not as good anymore. In the old days even though I didn’t exercise as much, ate whatever I feel like, my weight was always around 44-45 kg anyway. For a 143cm tall girl like me, it was just right. I still have the proof of the tailor made dress that I used to be able to get into then.

Now that my BMI shows me in the overweight area, hard work needs to be done.

Not easy, but I’ll definitely write something in this blog once I achieve my target weight.

This is what I wore to my first day back at work today:


– dress from Just Taylor, New York
– bag from Louis Vuitton
– belt from Cue
– shoes from Charles & Keith
– Earrings from the Mets shop online
– Watch from Gucci


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