Style File – 19 Feb 2012 (Even The Foreign Minister Swears)

Since I came back yesterday, Canberra’s weather has been quite tropical. It was hot, humid, shiny and suddenly became cloudy, rainy and hail!!

Nothing exiting happened except watching Kevin Rudd swearing a lot on YouTube when he tried to record something in Chinese. Anyone who has ever learnt Chinese would understand his frustration. I read some comments on his video and it seems that many people like it. For me he becomes more & more normal nowadays far from the Kev 24/7 image in 2007 (means he works 24/7). He smiles more in media & swears more, just how we like it ;). Whether this video will bring him back as Australia’s prime minister or not… it is still too early to tell and maybe even Paul the Octopus won’t be of any help this time.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video yet, this is the link to it:
Kevin Rudd Swearing on Pronouncing Chinese script Chinese

I am still on my post holiday mood. Means sleep a lot, eat & watching ABC News 24, Brits TV Series and other stuff in between sleeps.

Somehow I miss wearing a track suit at home. Hence the outfit for today:


– Top from Peter Alexander
– Track Pants from Abercrombie & Fitch
– Batik vest from a market in Indonesia. Only costs around A$ 9.
– Bag from Kate Spade New York.
– Shoes from Charles & Keith in Jakarta.


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