Style File – 16 Feb 2012 (Indonesian Greetings)

Today is our last night in the Villa before going back to Canberra tomorrow evening.

We all got invited for lunch at my aunt’s place in Pamogan, Denpasar. Before lunch I went to fix my hair at Yopie salon in Galleria mall in Denpasar.

It was interesting to hear how the hairdressers & beauticians greet their friends when they meet them.

A: Hi, it’s been a while we haven’t meet! I saw you on Facebook all the time, you can make spaghetti already! Your cheeks look puffy & fat..
B: oh really? .. ha ha it’s all because I’m really happy. You look like a balloon now (means you look fat). Your face is swollen…
A: your skin is still white & after a while in Bali, you’ll have a dark skin like mine.
B: ouch.. I don’t want that, maybe I won’t be going out much then..

They went on & on commenting on the physical attributes of each other and their friends.

My family always without fail tell me that I look fat or really fat everytime I meet them.

This might seem strange to non-Indonesians but it doesn’t mean that they are mean but it means that they care and pay attention to your well being.

This is what I wore to the mall & met my aunt+family earlier today:


– dress from ASOS
– sandals & sunnies from Charles&Keith
– bag from BCBG Max Azria
– earrings from Venice, Italy


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