Style File – 15 Feb 2012 (Alteration in Bali)

Today I went out to my brother’s place in Pamogan area of Denpasar. The reason being to visit my aunt before heading back to Canberra in two days and also going to the tailor.

There are so many tailors in Denpasar. I only go to the ones near my brother’s place because of convenience.

This time I asked the tailor to alter 8 items and when I asked him the costs he said Rp 80,000 (A$ 8.70)!!! Too bad I forgot to ask for his number so I can write it in this entry. He has done 6 of the items that I gave him 2 days ago and they are really good.

This is what I wore :


– dress from Minimal shop in Bali Galleria mall.

I don’t think this dress is good for my shape and I’m going to hand this down to one of my sisters-in-law.


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