Style File – 11 Feb 2012 (A Trip to North Lombok)

Today was a Wow! trip for both of us. We went sight seeing around North Lombok for a day.

Yesterday, I got a car rental number from the boat captain and I called Jaini (mobile +62 818 03714016), the car driver who will be picking us up from Teluk Kodeq (Small Bay) port in Lombok.

We agreed the price of car rental including petrol & driver of Rp 800,000 per day ($89). I tried to bargain but he said the price is including boat transfer from Gili Trawangan island to Bangsal port in Lombok island return. So I gave in and just agreed with the price.

While having dinner yesterday evening, I remembered that our boat captain, Andy, told me that he doesn’t recommend Bangsal port because there are a lot of touts and it’s just unpleasant.

Apparently, to go from Gili Trawangan island to Lombok there are 2 main ports. The public port is Bangsal where you can take public boat at 7 am in the morning and pay Rp 25,000 (A$ 2.80) per person one way & this journey will take around 45 min. The maximum number of people to board this boat is 45 so if it’s full then you will need to wait for another one. The latest time to get back is at 4.30 pm.

The private port, owned by the Villa Ombak Hotel, is Teluk Kodeq (small bay). You need to pay a speed boat to go here and it costs Rp 250,000 (A$ 28) per person one way. Well the quote was Rp 300,000 but I bargain with the hotel. The journey will takes around 10 min & we can come back to Gili Trawangan anytime we like.


Since we have limited time in Gili, we decided to go private & it was all worth it. We had time to have breakfast at the hotel & by 8.30 am we met Jaini at the Teluk Kodeq port.

He was a pleasant driver to have. Very careful, not rushing, attentive to our needs (he stoped every time the Husband wanted to take photos), & was polite. He took us to many scenic locations such as Malimbu bay.


Jaini took us to a Rinjani mountain tour guide company to meet our guide to go to Sendang Gile waterfalls. At first I thought why would we pay Rp 150,000 (A$ 17) per person while we can just walk up by ourselves?

Well, that $17 was well spent! It is really important to have a guide because he’ll show us the way to go there. It was not easy at all! We had to go through 763 steps, hills, muddy areas, bushes, incomplete walkway, very slippery river and there is no way we can get to the second waterfall without a guide! At the end we tipped, Remes, the guide Rp 100,000 (A$ 11) more.

The trip was definitely the highlight of our holiday so far!

This is what I was wearing at the waterfall. I had a wrap dress over while walking up.


– Sunnies & sandals from Charles & Keith.
– Swimsuit from Rock Steady.
– Pearl necklace is fresh water pearls that I bought in Gili Air for Rp 100,000 (A$ 11).
– Bag from BCBG Max Azria

More photos from the trip:




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