Style File – 9 Feb 2012 (A Trip to Gili Trawangan)

Today The Husband & I departed to Gili Trawangan island off Lombok by speed boat company, Gili Cat.

I called some boats company from Canberra and found out that Gili Cat gave a cheaper price for us. We paid Rp 900.000 per person for return transfer from Bali to Gili Trawangan including pick up & drop off.

Initially I felt a bit unsure on the idea of riding a boat for 1.5 hours. But my brother managed to convinced me by saying that so far he hadn’t heard on boat related accident from Bali to Gili and vice versa. The trip it self was quite pleasant, a bit bumpy but I supposed sitting at the rear make it more bearable.

This is the view that I took while I was on the boat:


We’re staying at Hotel Ombak and got the deals from We got the Lumbung room (it’s a model of a traditional house from Lombok island) for $120 per night. I’m glad that we took this one just for the experience sake. It’s really interesting because we have our room upstairs and have an outside shower and toilet downstairs. The stairs are pretty steep and has no handle so I need to be really careful.


The Gili Trawangan island is only about 3 km long and motor based vehicles are banned in this island. Tourists can just rent a bike or walk around the island.

Food & drinks are cheap by Australian standards but excessive by Indonesian standards. A plate of Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice costs Rp 45.000 = A$ 5) & a piña colada costs Rp 85.000 = A$ 9.5). The views are devine!!


The water is salty! Even for the shower & sink. So we use mineral water to brush our teeth & fir washing my face.

So far I have had a lovely time & we’re going to go snorkeling tomorrow!

This is what I wore on the boat this morning:


– Earrings from Diva
– Dress from Country Road
– Necklace from Elk
– Belt from FCUK
– Bag from Prada
– Sandals from Charles & Keith


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