Style File – 8 Feb 2012 (Off to Bali)

I am currently writing this entry at the Soekarno-Hatta airport going to Bali.

One part of me is happy to leave the crazy city of Jakarta but another part of me want to stay longer so I can spend more time with the Family.

Time passes by so quickly. My uncles who used to play with me, took care of me & dance with me in my early childhood days now are all bed ridden with illness.

I still remember how my uncle Jhonny used to dance with all the kids including me at the parties at my grandma’s place, my uncle Aswin was the one handy with cars and automobile related things & I was always getting his advice on which car to buy and my uncle Adek was a devoted public servant who loves tennis. He used to spoil me rotten when I was little.

I adore them all as some nieces adore their uncles. I am sad to see their conditions are so bad.

Nothing much I can do than praying for the best for them…

Now, I am off to Bali. I’ll be staying at my former student’s gorgeous place & catching up with her. Yay!! Time sure will pass again quickly when we chat.

This is what I am wearing for my 1.5 hours flight to Bali.

p.s I don’t think this hair style suits me very well… I reckon I look like an old aunt in this style. It’s amazing how a hairstyle can change how a person’s look!


– dress from Mossman
– Sandals from Charles & Keith
– Jacket – handmade in Bangkok
– Bag from Prada
– Necklace from Elk


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