Style File – 5 Feb 2012 (A Sunday in Jakarta)

Today is our first full day in Jakarta. In my opinion, Sundays are the best day to travel in Jakarta because there is less traffic than usual.

I intentionally arranged to meet my former students today so I can fit in more things today compared with the normal work days.

Since I still have my hair extensions, I feel so lazy to wash my hair without proper shower. So I went to the hairdresser near my dad’s place at around 8.30 am. The lady there told me that because they are only open at 9 so I have to pay double if I want to make them do the job before that.

When I asked them how much will it be if I pay double, she said rp 54,000 (equivalent of more or less $6).

Then I asked how much is it for a hair cut & she said $3. Because I saw some ladies went to get their make up done,I asked how much for that and he said $ 8!!

So I had my hair & make up done! This is what I wore today :



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