Style File – 4 Feb 2012 (Me & Justin Bieber)

I don’t know why most adult my age that I have spoken to hate or don’t like Justin Bieber. I must admit I wasn’t very impress with him either. Maybe mainly because of his over the top fans.

One day, a girlfriend told me that she likes & is impressed with Justin Bieber. Everyone was laughing at her and she said we have to watch the documentary video about him to understand.

In Indonesia, we have a saying “tak kenal maka tak sayang” which means you won’t love something if you don’t know it. So, yesterday while I was cleaning the apartment I put Justin Bieber’s documentary on, thinking I don’t think I can stand this anyway and I’ll clean while listening to the video. But I was hooked on watching the documentary instead!!

Seriously for people who is skeptical about Justin Bieber like me, please watch the documentary before judging him. I can now understand why the younger generation loves him. And his songs & lyrics of the songs are good!! I am even thinking to get his CD or songs from iTunes now.

So now when it comes to Justin Bieber, Never Say Never that I won’t like him πŸ™‚

I am writing this entry in a bus on the way to Sydney airport to fly to Jakarta.

This is what I am wearing for the 7 hours flight and 3 hours bus trip today. Barely any make up on yet except the lips gloss & powder because I am going to try on the make up counters at the duty free in Sydney airport! So exited!! This is my hobby everytime I fly out of Kingsford Smith airport πŸ™‚



– Jacket was tailor made in Bangkok & costs me about $50 at that time including the materials.
– Pants from Mossman, Canberra.
– Black top (wearing inside) was from Mango in Dubai Mall.
– Scarf from Laura Ashley in Melbourne.
– Pin from Elk Accessories. I got it online from their website.
– Bracelet from Pandora.
– Watch from Cartier.
– Bag from Prada, Italy.
– Shoes from DSW shoes in Pasadena, LA.


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