Style File – 2 Feb 2012 (My Jakarta)

Two more sleeps for me before going for a holiday. I’m going to visit my mum’s grave in Jakarta, seeing my family & former students there, checking on my mum’s kindergarten and then off to the real holiday to Bali & Lombok.

Jakarta now is not like the Jakarta that I used to know. My early childhood memory of Jakarta was a house surrounded by trees, chasing dragonflies in the paddy field, and eating ‘Jambu monyet’ (a type of guava) with my friends.

Then my dad got posted to other cities in Indonesia so I was out of Jakarta for many years but was still coming and going because my grandma was still living there.

My relationship with Jakarta is complicated because I’m in and out so unpredictably. My mum believed that a family has to stick together so whenever my dad had to go to Jakarta even for a short one to three months training, she would drag us along, and as a consequence I went to different school every time.

I have different memories of Jakarta from different periods of time. In my middle school (around year 9), it was so much fun with my four best friends at that time. We hung out & ate at the eateries near the school area or just hung out at my place.

Fast forward after those short stays, I came to Jakarta again for my uni. I started to experience the traffic jam (macet) and the crowdedness of the city. In my first semester I was still commuting from my parents’ home to uni. After that I gave up and rented a place to live near uni.

So far I have been living overseas for about 11 years. Everytime I went to visit my family in Jakarta, the traffic seems to go from bad to worse. My most memorable experience was when I was stranded for about 14 hours at the Soekarno-Hatta airport because of flooding and the traffic was not moving!

In two days I’ll be seeing my family in Jakarta including my little nieces (one is 7 and another one is turning 5). I wonder what memory will they have of Jakarta when they grow up. Is it the macet, the pollution or the big shopping malls?

At least I still have a good memory of the beautiful & peaceful Jakarta with the sounds of crickets at night and dragonflies to catch…

This is what I wore to work 2 days before my Jakarta trip 🙂


– Dress from Review, Canberra.
– Bag from Prada, Italy.
– Shoes from Paris Hilton, Pasadena, LA.
– Belt from Alannah Hill, Canberra.
– Necklace from Mimco, Canberra.
– Watch from Cartier.
– Earrings from Diva, Canberra.


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