Style File – 31 Jan 2012 (Banyak Anak Banyak…)

Today I went to visit a girlfriend who just had a baby girl. Both parents were beaming in happiness & full of joy. Good on them & I feel so happy for them.

In the old days in Indonesia (my grandma’s era) there was a saying that if you have more children it means you’ll have a greater fortune (banyak anak banyak rezeki). I don’t know why but maybe because if you have a lot of children then when they grow up they’ll help you out & give you money. That’s what my mum & dad used to do for their parents anyway.

So at that time, it was normal for people to have more than half a dozen children. My mum has 12 siblings and my dad has 7 siblings.

Down to my mum’s era, which was the Soeharto era, it was encouraged that people have a maximum of 3 children because that’s the maximum number the government will pay their employees child allowance. So if you have 4 children, the 4th child won’t get any allowance. Maybe that’s why my parents stopped at three. 🙂

But mind you, there were people in my parents’ era that had more than 5 children as well. My mum’s eldest brother had 9 children & one of our neighbors in Rawasari area of Jakarta had 11 children (they really wanted a boy but the first 10 were girls & they only stopped when they had the number 11th, which was a boy).

These days, in my generation, if I see a mum with 3 children, I would often say “wow! you have three children, how can you do it?”. Just unthinkable.

For a childless couple like us, even one seems plenty at this stage. I am just wondering what will future generations will think about this matter…

This is what I wore to work & when I visited my girlfriend at the hospital earlier today:


– Dress from Max Azria, USA.
– Belt from Friends of Couture, Melbourne.
– Shoes from Prada, Italy.
– Bag from Charles & Keith, Jakarta.
– Necklace from the Vatican museum shop in Vatican City.
– Earrings from Swarowski in Beijing.


One thought on “Style File – 31 Jan 2012 (Banyak Anak Banyak…)

  1. I like your shoes Shin, they’re beautiful. You’ve written an interesting topic there. In addition to what you wrote, I think children will be a blessing if you’re able to be good parents and bring them up to be good people. Then “banyak anak banyak rejeki” will apply. But if the children end up being burdens when they’re adult then banyak anak banyak masalah jadinya 😦 We are similar in terms of having kids…difficult. My husband and I are now trying to have another kid (Zi is turning 5 soon) but it hasnt been succesful. You hang in there Shin, semua pasti ada hikmahnya.

    Take care girlfriend!

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