Style File – 30 Jan 2012 (Learning English)

English is not an easy language to learn. I have been learning English since I was little, yet until now there are times where I struggle to pronounce words, keep using incorrect grammar & using wrong vocabulary for certain contexts.

That is the main reason why I write this blog in English rather in my native tongue, Indonesian. By doing this I can check my grammar with help from The Husband and hopefully one day it’ll be perfect.

Pronunciation is a different matter. I still speak with an accent and it is not easy to learn to speak with an Australian accent. Well.. until now I rarely use Siri in my iPhone4S because Siri can’t understand my accent!

Speaking in English is easy for me but living in good English is difficult.

Anyway, enough about learning English, this is what I wore to teach Indonesian today:


– Dress from Minimal shop in Metropolitan Mall, Bekasi, Indonesia.
– Bag & shoes from Charles & Keith.
– Belt from Cue, Australia.

It was not easy to wake up & get dressed this morning because I stayed up late watching the Australian Open final until the wee hours of the morning. But it was the best game the I have ever seen in my life & all worth it! 🙂


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