Style File – 29 Jan 2012 (Oleh-oleh)

It’s amazing how quick a 70kg weight limit for luggage (for two persons) can be reached every time I go to Indonesia to visit my family.

Indonesians are big on “oleh-oleh” (souvenirs). This is not only limited to key chains and the other touristy things but also anything that you can think of. I have done the key chain & stuff so this time is about recycling things.

The Husband & I cleaned our drawers & wardrobe and basically throw in the luggage anything that is still nice but we don’t want to wear or about time to get new replacements.

So far we had almost 20 kg worth of bed sheets, pillow cases (the Husband even said that I secretly collect pillow cases.. Lol), towels, used clothes in mint conditions & heaps of ACT Brumbies hats.

I also bought a lot of books & toys for my nieces, chocolates, bags for my sisters in-law, vitamins for my dad & aunt, Manuka honey, lollies & sukiyaki sauce.

The Husband used to ask why should we do this every time & commented that surely we can get that in Jakarta. I then explained that giving ‘oleh-oleh’ is part of the culture & it makes me happy to see how happy the recipients’ faces are when they get something from here. Also it is a great way to recycle stuff.

So today I had a busy day packing then went for a quick dip in the apartment’s pool.


First of all a disclaimer that my legs in reality don’t look as smooth (well.. some people do have cellulite!!)

– Swimsuit from Esther Williams.
– Hat from Forever New.
– Belt from Friends of Couture.
– Bag from Cole Haan.
– Wedges from Charles & Keith.

I also went out to Costco to get more ‘oleh-oleh’ such as 3 kg worth of chocolates & some other stuffs.

This is what I wore:


– earrings – a gift from a girl friend.
– necklace & bracelet from Diva.
– dress from Asos.
– Belt from FCUK.
– Sandals & sunnies from Charles & Keith.
– Vest from Review.
– Pin from Elk Accessories.
– Bag still from Tod’s (too lazy to change)


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