Style File – 28 Jan 2012

When I first came to Canberra from Singapore to study my masters of Southeast Asian/Asian study as part of NUS-ANU double degree program in 2005, I was so stressed sometimes that I broke down in tears for a couple of days. I felt it was so hard to live in this city. I didn’t have a car for the first couple of weeks & Canberra is a terrible city to live in if you don’t drive. I can’t imagine my self riding a bike, especially for a girl so used to Singapore’s excellent public transport system, the thought was frightful.

After a while at Uni, I found out the Indonesian Students Association in Canberra called PPIA (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia). I became a PPIA junkie, hung out with Indonesian students all the time, we held a lot of discussions, helped organise some conferences, we had books published with the help of AII (Australia Indonesia Institute) & just had a ball academically. At that time , study & PPIA were my life and I started to enjoy living in Canberra.

After finishing my degree, I lived in Sydney for a while then moved back to Canberra to live & work.

This time, I started to fall in love with Canberra. It is a very easy city to live in. I hung out with a girl friend everywhere & trying a lot of restaurants together. Then, I met the Husband & that’s it. I’m sold on Canberra 🙂

I was then joined the AIFA (Australia Indonesia Families Association). It is an Indonesian community organisation who main purpose (I think) to organised party & BBQs for Indonesians in here. Don’t quote me here coz surely the AIFA’s older members can give you more purposes than that. Anyway, whathever the purpose are, it did successfully introduced me to some girl friends who have now become my best girl friends in here. They made me love Canberra more.

So today, AIFA held a ‘tusuk sate’ (where we put meat on satays skewers) function in preparation to the multicultural festival in February. This is what I wore to the ‘tusuk sate’ function :

– Top from Melbourne designer , Scanlan & Theodore. I didn’t know what I thought when I bought this $150ish top!
– Skirt is Indonesian batik. Really cheap around $10.
– Bag from Tod’s, Italy.
– Sandals from Charles & Keith.
– Necklace from Six in Row
– Bracelet from Pandora, Canberra.

In the evening when I wrote this entry, we are at the Shaw Vineyard for dinner at The Flint and to watch an outdoor movie, “Sideways”.

This is what I am wearing:


– Hat from Blake, David Jones, Canberra.
– Dress from Uluwatu in Ubud, Bali. I always think that I look really fat every time I wear this dress but it is so comfortable! The materials is so light & perfect for summer. It wasn’t cheap & cost me around $200 for this dress.
– Bag from Miu Miu, Italy.
– Shoes from Charles & Keith.


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