Style File – 27 Jan 2012

A dear friend told me earlier that she feels like she misses out of some events.

Well, in my opinion, she misses out because she doesn’t have a mobile phone & isn’t on Facebook.

Whether we like it or not, more events are Facebook than email nowadays & more people tend to text instead of making phone calls.

Some people I know have abandoned Facebook & some even delete their profile altogether. Then some of those people have to get back in because they missed out on events organised by their friends via Facebook.

As for me, Facebook is a very important tool to keep in touch with my family in Indonesia. I like to know what my dad, my brothers & my nieces up to. I love reading stories posted by my dad or his new blog post. I enjoy seeing the photos of my nieces fishing, playing or just hang out with the family. I like reading my brothers & sister in-laws status to see what’s going on in their life. Well… the point is Facebook makes me feel closer with the people whom I love.

What bothers me sometimes is the forever changing Facebook interface. How annoying to find that suddenly things have changed again. Sometime is for the better (like the friendship classification ) & other times is just there to annoy the users I guess..

If my dad is not on Facebook, surely he’ll feel like he is missing out of what’s going on with me & my brother who lives in Bali.

Anyway, enough about Facebook for now. It’s Friday again and it is casual day at the office. This is what I wore to work today:


– Top bought in Far East Plaza, Singapore.
– Jeans from Gap, San Fransisco.
– Bag from Tod’s, Italy.
– Shoes from Charles & Keith, Singapore.

In the evening I went to a black & white birthday theme dinner & this is what I wore there:


– Dress from ASOS.
– Shoes from Charles & Keith, Singapore.
– Belt from Alannah Hill, Canberra.
– Clutch from Nine West, Canberra.
– Earrings from Diva, Canberra.


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