Style File – 25 Jan 2012

I am writing this entry at the Australia Day Concert 2012 on the lawn of Parliament House in Canberra.

There are massive crowds here (around 30K)! Everyone is enjoying the music by INXS, Spiderbait and many other Aussie bands.

I have been an Australian for 4 years now and I love it! An Australian passport is so good to have. It took me only 10 min to get a US visa online compared with a more than 2 hour interview & long queue and process when I was an Indonesian passport holder. I didn’t need to apply for a visa to many countries that I have visited like Japan, EU Countries, Malaysia & Singapore. And I heard that Australian consulate services are among the best in the world!

Being Australian doesn’t make me not love Indonesia anymore. I love my heritage and I have my family there. I still know more about Indonesian politics more than I know about Australian politics, I still enjoy watching badminton or soccer more than watching Rugby and Cricket, I still prefer terasi (shrimp paste) over vegemite, and of course I still prefer chili over cheese. And put chili on most food!

Being Australian for me means travel, second chance and great hmm I mean AWESOME lifestyle! Aussies are hard working people, light hearted, respect balance between work & family, easy going, love beaches, love animals & know how to have fun. I want to be part of this lifestyle and if I ever one day have children, Australia will be the best place to raise them. I want to travel the world using my Australian passport. And I thank Australia for accepting me, giving me a great life & a very loving Aussie husband :).

Thank you Australia! I love you Australia & Happy Australia Day 2012!!

Oi Oi Oi this is what I am wearing at the park today:


A lot of things that I wore in the above photo, I had put them in my entry so it didn’t really count.

This is what I wore to work today:


– hairpin & belt from Alannah Hill, Canberra.
– dress from Max Azria, LA.
– earrings from Mimco, Canberra.
– shoes from ASOS.
– necklace is a gift from a girlfriend.
– bag from Cole Haan shop in Pasadena, USA.
– watch from Cartier.


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