Style File – 23 Jan 2012

Happy Chinese New Year to my friends and blog readers 🙂 I wish you all a good dragon year and may this year bring you luck and prosperity.

I am not of a Chinese background but I am fascinated by the culture as I have lovely friends who celebrate the event wholeheartedly.

In Chinese new year, people tend to wear red, decorate the house with red colour elements and even give away money in red envelopes.

Today it was work as usual for me. It was always nice to see my student on Monday morning because there are always new things happening over the weekend.

One thing that I did today which was out of the ordinary was that a girl friend and I went to see a psychic!! It was my first time & for a very skeptical person like me, it didn’t go very well indeed.

At least, I have tried it and next time I’ll better spend my money on a nice top or dress from ASOS rather than spending my money on something wasteful like this. 🙂

The point is I did something new on the first day of the dragon year.

This is what I wore today:



– Gold earrings, necklace and bracelets are all gifts. Most of them from my mum.
– Dress was designed by me but got it tailored in Jakarta for about $10. The materials is Indonesian Batik and I bought it for about $15.
– Belt from Minimal shop in Jakarta. Not very good quality but okay for the price I guess.
– Shoes from Charles & Keith.
– Bag from Louis Vuitton.
– Watch from Cartier.


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