Style File – 22 Jan 2012

Someone that I bumped into yesterday told me that Jakarta is very expensive city to live in.

I then crossed check the information with some girlfriends who have just recently returned from their holiday in Jakarta and they agreed to that statement. A girlfriend even told me that it cost almost $150 for a brunch for four!! How appalling!

Well, they do eat out in a fancy area and eating western food instead of local. As for me, since my dad lives in the suburb we eat out somewhere near his place and a meal normally costs about $2-$2.50 per person.

The point is almost everything can be affordable as long as we know when and where to get it. And if it is too expensive, surely we can live without it as long as it does not effect our health.

I love shopping but to be fair, most of the time I only shop when there is a deal on.

Today we went for a walk&jog around Lake Ginnindera and I wore a short that after discount costs me $5. I also wore a top from Forever 21 shop which I paid less than $10 after discount.


– Bag from BCBG Max Azria.
– Belt from Charles & Keith.
– Pin from Elk.
– Hat, a gift from my brother in law when we went to see the Dodgers game.
– Shoes from Brooks.
– Socks from Mango.
– Earrings are a gift.

In the afternoon I went to the CMS Radio station, 91.1 FM Canberra to broadcast Indonesian program.

This is what I wore:


– Dress from Jigsaw & I bought this for $19 at their shop in Pasadena, LA. I felt so lucky when they told me they had a deal on this dress!!
– Belt from FCUK.
– Sunnies from Charles & Keith.
– Necklace from Indonesia but I bought it from a friend in Canberra for around $40.
– Vest from Review.
– pin from Elk.
– Sandals from Prada. I got them for €100 from The Space outlet in Italy.
– Bag from Louis Vuitton. (as far as I know they never be on sale but I heard that the Paris shop is 20-25% cheaper than anywhere else).


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