Style File – 21 Jan 2012

I had a really relaxing day today. The Husband and I went to try a new place for breakfast called two before ten in Marcus Clark street in Canberra.

This is what I wear in the morning:


– Jacket from Melbourne, I forgot the name of the shop.
– Top from SES.
– Pants from ASOS.
– Belt from Friends of couture.
– Bag from Gucci. This is a vintage bag, I got it from my late mum. I remembered that this is my first expensive bag. My mum bought it in Plaza Indonesia shop in Jakarta because I had a terrible broke up with a boy friend. He gave me a bag that I always wore at that time. After the broke up, my mum bought me this bag so I didn’t have to wear the old bag anymore. The only thing that I wished I didn’t do was altering the strap of the bag. It was much longer before but then I got it altered to suit my petite size. Ah well.. it is still a vintage Gucci bag and still looking gorgeous anyway 🙂
– Sandal from Charles & Keith.
– Necklace from Elk.

Initially I declared today as relaxing by the pool, video catch up day and messy day in. This is where I just hang out with myself watching any chick flick movies that I missed and where I don’t care about the housework for a day.

But one of my besties texted and invited me over for dinner which I gladly accepted.

This is what I wore to the dinner.


– Dress from a shop in Ubud, Bali.
– Earrings & ring from Pagani, Venice, Italy.
– Bag from Louis Vuitton.
– Necklace from six in row.
– Wedges from Charles & Keith
– Bracelet from Pandora.
– Watch from Cartier.

It is almost a week now that I had my hair extension. My comments on this:

1. I feel more feminine.
2. Hmm let me think…
3. ….

1. It is hot in summer to have additional hair on.
2. Not very comfortable for sleeping.
3. Heavier in my head.
4. I miss scratching my head!
5. It took me 40 min to dry this hair today!!! (and it is not very thick!).
6. I didn’t know how can I style this yet (hmm maybe it’ll take me about one hour to do hair!!)
7. Nuisance to go for swimming.
8. Not boot camp friendly. I just feel extra hot with sweat in my head & made the hair looking greasy and smelly afterwards.

I feel lucky because my girlfriend who put this on is very experience so it is more comfortable to wear this.

I’ll be surprise if I have this on more than 4 weeks though.


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