Style File – 17 Jan 2012

Someone told me earlier today that to lose weight is easy, the hard thing is to gain weight.

Well, for me it is the contrary indeed. It is so easy to gain weight but extremely hard to lose weight.

I am just imagining if friendship can be gained as easy as I gain weight.

Maybe it is easy to meet new people and get to know new acquaintance who will later become a friend.

Yet, good friendship needs nurturing, caring, time, sharing & love. So indeed it is as hard as to try to lose weight. But once we have done it, we’ll feel great & will enhance our life, just like friendship does 🙂



– sunglasses & bag from Prada.
– dress from Garfunkle.
– belt from other dress that I forgot which one.
– shoes from Charles & Keith.
– bracelet from Pandora.
– watch from Cartier.

This is another photo when I was about to go out to meet up my girlfriends in the afternoon. It was hot & sunny. So, I put on my Alannah Hill’s hat (trying to get as much cost per wear as I could).



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