Style File – 11 Jan 2012

Sometime I envy The Husband who grew up in Australia and developed the sense of love towards nature, bush walking & sports.

In my observation, Australian children have been introduced to sports like swimming since they were as little as 1 year old, going to nippers classes from an early age & walking around the bush since they were in their mothers’ belly. No wonder when they grow up, the love towards nature, animals, & sports is already embedded within them.

I was brought up in Indonesia and spent quite a long time in Jakarta. So, I’ve been taken to markets & shops since I was little. The love of shopping is in my veins 🙂

When I went to the Metropolitan Arts Museum in NYC, I didn’t mind if I didn’t get to explore the museum as long as I had time to explore the Met shop! Shocking hey? Admittedly I’ve been a fan of the Met shop for a long time.

When I went to the Melbourne museum to see the Tutankhamun exhibition, I bought the earrings that I wore in this photo. It has several symbols of life such as Ka in it. I love it & it brings memory of the exhibition & our trip there through the shopping experience.


– earrings from Tutankhamun exhibition shop.
– necklace from Swarowski.
– dress from Mango, I got it from their Melbourne shop.
– shoes from VNC, I got it from KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
– bag from Cole Haan in Pasadena shop, LA.
– watch from Cartier.


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