Style File – 9 Jan 2012

The hardest thing about writing a blog is when I think my life is so ordinary and nothing happening really except going to work & coming back home from work.

But somehow under the ordinary life there is always something interesting enough happening.

Today before work I went to the first boot camp session of the year and I felt so unfit and almost threw up during the warm up jog after so much eating during the holiday!

After work I went to see my friends’ newborn baby. He was a super cute little thing with a lot of black hair!! It was so nice to see the first time parents beaming with happiness every time they tended to the baby.

Then I went for a walk around the lake with a girlfriend to burn some more calories.

So today even though I wore a black outfit, there are some little things that are interesting such as the small tan colour ribbon on the collar of my Mango top and the cute lacy belt from my skirt 🙂


– earrings from the Metropolitan arts museum shop in NYC.
– top from Mango, I got it from Dubai.
– skirt (incl. belt) from Review clothing Australia.
– heels from Charles & Keith
– bracelet from Pandora.
– bag from Kate Spade shop in Camarillo factory outlet near LA.


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