Style File – 6 Jan 2012

A girlfriend asked me whether I choose my friends. I said certainly I do because I even choose a mango that I’m going to eat to make sure that it is a nice one.

This also applies to a lot of things, including the place to live, the partner in life, place of work and almost everything in life.

Since I’m on and off the pregnancy treatment, my body has been up & down as well. At first I’m not sure whether white is a good choice for me who has gained about 7kg (yes blame it to the treatment!) but I gave it a go anyway.

So my chosen outfit today is a white dress from Asos.


– Headband from Diva
– Dress from Asos
– Necklace & bracelet from six in row
– Earrings from Lovisa
– Bag from Prada (the Space factory outlet near Florence for about €450)
– Shoes from Nine West
– Watch from Guess
– Belt is from another red outfit


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