10min meal – Vegetarian Tacos

I’m trying to clear out some space in my pantry & fridge so this week I’ve been cooking different meals to use up the ingredients that we have.

Since I’m not masterchef and the easiest and fastest is best so I like easy cooking meals.

One of my previous students taught me this & it takes about 10 min to make!


A packet of Tacos from OldEl Paso
Red kidney beans in cans
Tomatoes-cut small as needed
Cabbage- cut finely as needed
Tasty cheese
Salt, pepper to taste
Packet taco sauce (because I don’t have this, I use curry paste & chipotle sauce)
1 onion – chopped

To make:
1. Heat oven to 180 and put the taco shells for 5 min
2. Sautéed the onion in a bit of oil
3. Put in the kidney beans and season with salt, pepper, taco sauce (I put my curry paste & chilli). Basically you can taste and put what you like. Let it simmer for about 3-4 min.
4. Put the beans inside the taco shell, top it with cabbage,tomatoes, onion & cheese

Enjoy! 🙂




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