Style File – 2 Jan 2012

I used to have a diary where I wrote my daily thoughts and many times I put tickets slip or clothing tags attached to it as a memory.

Now in the digital age, I don’t even have any pen in my bag anymore! let alone a diary! I wonder how long the Kikki.K stationary will survive in this new digital era if someone like me who used to be crazy with stationary products now turning my back to it.

Now instead of having a diary, I have a blog where I put random things that I like.

Number one thing that I like in my list is my teaching job but blogging about work is a bit off I guess :). Second thing is shopping & cloths and here we go I’ll try to blog more about this category this year.

Today, Monday 2 Jan 2012, I am going back to Canberra from Melbourne. The Husband & I will be driving for about 7 hours.

This is what I wear for the occasion:


Hairpin from Alannah Hill.
Playsuit (worn as a top) from Forever New , got it on Boxing Day sale 2011 – only $23!!.
Earrings from Lovisa on boxing day sale for $3.
Necklace from Six in a Row, I got it from the Handmade market at the National convention centre on the 17th Dec. I think it was for $42.
Belt from Friends of Couture shop in Melbourne CBD for $19.
Skirt from Forever 21 shop in NYC – if I’m not mistaken it was from the shop near time square. Forgot how much but less than $25.
Bracelets from Lovisa boxing day sale for $12.
Bag from Miu Miu, I got it from The Space Prada factory outlet near Florence, Italy for around €500.
Shoes from Prada, got it from The Space outlet as well for €100 (around $140).


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