Runners shopping experience

I love my high heels and own at least a score of them. But I only have one pair of runners for at least the past two years. So, after boot camp today, I went to the Athlete’s Foot shop in Belconnen mall in Canberra where my G-Train trainer works during the day.

It was a very good experience indeed! I am very impressed on how Gav from the Athlete’s Foot Shop helped me to find the right shoes for my UK size 4 feet.

1. He measured the length and width of my feet using a metal shoe size measurement tool. I had to stand tall with both feet side to side.
2. He asked me to walk back and forth with no shoes on. This way he can assess the way I walk and the leaning of my foot. Apparently I tend to walk by putting more weight on the inner side my feet.
3. He then asked me to step in to a machine that shows the pressure for each foot. It showed that I put more pressure on my heels and my right foot is pressing more than my left. So it also means that I can easily get blisters when running (which is correct) and need shoes with gel pads at the heel end.
4. I tried on a pair of padded socks which will help hold my feet better and also tried on some shoes.

The shoes trying it self was an experience because I had to compare which one is more comfortable than the other and at the end of the day I am happy with Brooks’ Trance 10.

If only Charles & Keith (my favorite shoes shop which is based in Singapore and if I’m not mistaken now partially owned by the Louis Vuitton group) give the same care and attention to its customer, I might end up with more shoes from them.


3 thoughts on “Runners shopping experience

  1. Hi Shinta.
    Thanks so much for visiting us.
    We are glad you found our service useful and took the time to write about your experience in-store.

    We are happy to assist you, your family and/or friends with at any of our stores.

    Have a fantastic day.

    The Athlete’s Foot Australia team.

  2. I always recommend my patients to buy their shoes In Athletes Foot. I manage a busy Cardiac Rehab Program in Blacktown Hospital. Most of my patients wear unsuitable footwear. 100 percent of them are happy. It’s amazing what good advice fr the staff of athletes foot can make. I always tell my patients to love their feet.

    • Thanks Liza for your feedback.
      We appreciate your support for the “right fit”.
      The Athlete’s Foot Australia stores are always happy to assist your patients.
      Have a great day.
      The Athlete’s Foot Australia team.

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