Tyres Shopping in Canberra for Nissan Micra 165/70/R14

Today before work I went to Fyshwick area to shop for Tiff’s (The name of my Nissan Micra 2007 car). This is just a note on the quotes that I have got and my experience with the shop.

Note on Tyres that I learned today:
The original is Goodyear and currently on 43K used. 165 is the width of the tyre. 70 is the radius from the rim to the tyre. 14 is the size of the rim. Apparently this is not a common size so not all shops stocks this size.

Ordering tyre: if order is placed before noon, it will be available for fitting the next day.

Fitting: It ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours

Shops in order of visit:

Pat’s Tyres&More
79 Newcastle st, Fyshwick
Phone: 6280 5906

I talked with a guy named Matthew and he gave me: Nexen $105/tyre , Goodyear $159

Jax Quickfit Tyres
36 Gladstone St, Fyshwick
Phone: 6228 1533

I talked with Todd and he gave me: Federal $89, Dunlop $149 , Goodyear GT43 $145 and Nexen $80.

Need two days notice to order the tyres.

KMart Tyre & Auto Service

Unit 1 no. 2 Kembla st, Fyshwick
Opening hours 8 am to 5 pm
Phone: 6228 1244

I spoke with the store manager, Mark Buurman, who were really nice and helpful. He told me that I can always call him back or see him if I find other quotes that give me cheaper price. He will try to match the price. He also said that they can give me free wheel alignment and balancing service for every 10,000 Km for the rest of the life of the tyres. Two wheels alignment for $40 or four wheels alignment for $60. He gave me: Dunlop SP19 for $135, Goodyear GT3 for $135, Kumho KH17 for $115.

Bob Jane T-Marts

115-117 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick
Phone: 62391243
Mobile: 0403589144

I spoke with the manager, Peter Naylor, who was really nice and helpful. He explained to me the meaning of 165/70/R14 that is written on my tyres. He said that they can give free wheel alignment after 5000 Km but there is a one time only fee of $75 for wheel adjustment and additional fee for fit&balancing. He gave me: Falcon $124 , Kumho $124, Michelin $158, Pirelli $137, Goodyear $168.

North West Tyres

110 Wollongong St, Fyshwick
Phone: 6228 1428
Mobile: 0403088564 (Sam)

This is the dodgy looking garage and service was quite slow. The guy there gave me quote $85 for Hercules or Silverstone and they don’t stock other things. I can also get a toursport 611 used in good condition for $65. He said it will give me around 20,000 Km. I think this place is a good place to get tyres for a trailer or really old cars. It has heaps of used but in good condition tyres. Since I am not a car person, I think I will stay away from this shop at least for the time being. This place reminds me of fake branded bags shops in Mangga Dua, Jakarta. At lease if it is a bag I will know what they are talking about.


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