Indonesian Language Barista

I used to know someone in Sydney who won barista awards and wherever he works, his coffee lovers followers will go along with him. When I met him, I asked him what it takes to make a good coffee. He said there are three things to make a great coffee. The first is the coffee beans, second is the coffee machine and the third is the barista.

He told me that a coffee shop should have all these three ingredients in order to create great coffee. If the coffee beans are the best in the world, without a good machine and great barista, it just won’t make the best coffee. You can take off any one element from those three and it just won’t make it.

Somehow I think my job is like a barista. It’s just instead of making coffee, I make people speaks Indonesian. In this case, I think the materials is like the coffee machine, coffee beans are the students and me as the barista.

Finding and creating good and suitable materials are not an easy task. It needs a lot of time, energy and trial & errors. Students come in different level of language aptitude capability. It is my job to match the students with the appropriate level in order to achieve the goals. Some want to go to post and use it for work others want to travel around Indonesia and speaking the lingo will makes their life much easier.

Just like a barista who love it when they see people enjoys their coffee. I find it really rewarding when I see my students able to speak Indonesian after their around 22 weeks of training finished.

As coffee lovers love their coffee, I hope Indonesian language learners love Indonesia as well.


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