Resep Bakso (Indonesian Beef Ball Soup Recipe)

One of my girlfriends, Yuni, taught us to make Indonesian style meat balls. It was so yummy and we felt really great when we were able to make it. We hope that you will benefit from this as well๐Ÿ™‚


1 kg mince beef
1 tbs crushed garlic
Ice cubes as needed (maybe around 10 or 15 cubes)
1 tsp Bicarb soda or Baking powder
500 gr Tapioca flour
1 tbs Plain flour
4 eggs (some people use the whites only but we used the whole eggs)
1 tbs salt (or to taste)
2 tsp pepper (or to taste)
1 tbs chicken stock (we used Lee Kum Kee brand) but please note that this has MSG in it. So can be replace with other type of stock as necessary.
Yellow noodles
Rice Noodles
Bok Choy (to cook: boil water and put it in a bowl, put a pinch of salt, dip in the cut bok choy in it for about 2 minutes until the colour changes and set aside until it is ready to be use)
Fish tofu
5 litres water
1 kg bones or beef curry style meat (for the stock)
Chilli condiments (sambal bakso)
Sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
Spring onions
Vinegar (optional)

Note: all ingredients (except the beef) can be purchase at an Asian Groceries store. In Canberra, we normally go to the one in Dickson, next to the Vietnamese restaurant. Or Indonesian owned grocery store in Phillip.


1. Make stock for the soup: boil water about 3 litres and put the beef bones or curry style meat and cooked in medium heat for about 1 hour, put salt and pepper to taste.

2. Make the meat balls (Bakso):

2.1 Put in a food processor: mince beef, ice cubes (so the beef wont’ be cooked because of the heat from the food processor), and garlic

2.2 Add tapioca flour, eggs, salt, pepper, chicken stock, baking powder, plain flour to the blended mince beef

2.3 Mix all the ingredients from 2.2 well

2.4 Boil about 2 litres of water. Then take a pinch of the mixture and put it in the boiled water. Taste the pinch version of the meat balls, if it taste good then, start shaping the mixture into balls shape.

2.5 Shaping the meat balls: put a mixture into the palm of your hand, then squeeze it into the shape of a ball, take it with a spoon and drop it into boiling water. Once the meat balls float to the surface, put it aside with a laddle and put it in to the prepared soup stock (see step no.1)

3. Serving the meat balls: In a bowl, arrange noodles, meatballs, tofu, fish tofu and bok choy then pour in the soup stock (from no.1) and garnish with fried onion, chilli condiments, spring onions, sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) and a bit of vinegar (to taste)

Enjoy Indonesian style of beef ball soup๐Ÿ™‚

=============== ini bahasa Indonesianya, tapi nggak urut ya๐Ÿ™‚
Resep Bakso

Daging Cincang 1 kg
Bawang putih 1 sdm
Es Batu di pecahkan secukupnya
Soda bikarbonat/ soda kue 1 sdt
Tepung tapioka 500 gr
Telur 4
Garam halus secukupnya
Merica secukupnya
Kaldu ayam 1sdm (Lee kum kee)
Tepung terigu (plain) 1 sdm
Mie telor kuning

1.Masukkan ke blender daging cincang, es batu dan bawang putih.
2. Diaduk: daging yg sudah di blender , tepung tapioka dan telur, garam halus, merica, kaldu ayam, soda kue, tepung terigu
3. Didihkan air, bikin 1 bakso dulu, dicicip, kalo rasanya udah pas kita bikin semuanya, kalo blm tambahkan bumbu
4. Bentuk bakso: ambil adonan bakso dengan tangan, di genggam lalu diperas hingga keluar diantara telunjuk dan jempol sampai berbentuk bulatan muncul di ujung tangan, kemudian diambil dengan sendok dan dimasukkan ke air mendidih sampai mengapung. Ketika bakso mengapung, diangkat dan bisa dipindahkan ke air kaldu.
5.kaldu: air dan daging untuk bikin kari/tulang dimasak sampai mendidih, dikasih merica, garam dan kaldu, dicicip secukupnya. Masukkan tahu, bakso ikan, dll.
6. Cara menghidangkan: tata mie, bakso, tahu, sawi serta daun bawang dan bawang goreng dalam mangkuk saji. Tuangkan kuah dan tambahkan sambal, kecap dan cuka sesuai selera.

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