Resep Sambal Cabe Ijo (Padang) – Padangnese Green Chilli Condiment

Sambel Cabe Ijo Pake Teri

I write this recipe for my girlfriends who think my green chilli condiment is good enough to try. I got this recipe from my Aunty, Eti, who currently reside in Padang. She is a great cook and I learnt this from her when I visited her in March 2010.

15 green chilli (big one) – can be purchase in Woolies or Fyshwick Market
8 eschallot – I normally purchase this in a Vietnamese owned Asian shop in Dickson, next to Pho Quoc restaurant. But it is also available in Fyshwick market.
1 packet of dried anchovies – can be purchase in any Asian shop
1 lime
Salt – to taste
Cooking oil

How to make it:
1. Deep fried the dried anchovies until golden brown
2. Separate the dried anchovies and the oil to be used later
3. Blend the chilli, shallots and one pinch of salt in a food processor
4. You can also blend the dried anchovies if you don’t want it whole (optional)
5. Fried the blended chilli using the left over cooking oil from frying the anchovies until it changed colour to dark green. This will take sometime and you need to stir it all the time so it won’t burned.
6. Sometime while doing no. 5, put in the dried anchovies and taste the condiment. Add more salt if it is necessary. Add more onion or green tomatoes if you think it is too hot. Add a bit of sugar if you like. Add more oil if it becomes too dry.

Good luck and hopefully you enjoy it.


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