A note: The cost of our weddings in Canberra & Bali

Our Bali Wedding in a Villa in Pecatu area

Our wedding in Canberra

I have been cleaning our second bedroom for the past two and half hours and found out the scribble note that I wrote in a piece of paper of the cost that we spent in our weddings in Canberra & Bali.

Our first Canberra wedding was on the 18th of July 2009 at The Husband’s dad’s house in Latham. According to my note, it costs us $1250. The breakdown is as follows:
Shinta’s hair: $80
Celebrant: $250
Shinta’s dress from Review: $250 (reusable)
Shinta’s necklace from Mimco: $ 200 (reusable)
Catering $250
Damon’s shirt from Marc: $80 (reusable)
Etc: $140
Note: I did the make up myself by searching on YouTube video on bridal make up. Number of guests were about 25 people.

Our second wedding was on Bali. It was in a Villa there. The cost for this was $2400. The number of guests who attended the wedding were about 40.

The breakdown of the cost is:
Villa rental: $430 (converted from US$350)
Tents rental: $200
Food: $310
Music: $210 (we didn’t even use it at the end)
Photographer: $60
Make up & hair: $150
BBQ pit: $100 (bought in Carrefour)
Mike & Speakers: $60
Fish for the BBQ + the BBQ griller person = $210
Villa cleaner = $20
Etc (including fee for Islamic religious singers and the celebrant) $500

Note: My dad bought me & The Husband the wedding dress for our Bali wedding. It costs him $50 for my dress and around $80 for The Husband.

I think it was not so bad at all for small weddings in two countries. The total that we spent was A$3650, no fuss and we were so happy 🙂


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