The Best Present for My Man

Buying present for a man is not an easy task to do. Buying one for The Husband is more challenging than running for 5K for me.

My first present for him was a sweater. The so said sweater is now buried in the bottom part of his clothes drawer and I haven’t seen it for a while. Maybe because it doesn’t have a Brumbies logo in it so he thinks it is too feminine to wear (huh??!!). He did (pretend) to appreciate it when he received it though.. which was nice of him.

On one of his birthdays, I bought him a hat, shirt, pants, shoes and he said thank you but did not seem to enjoy it as much as I would if he gave me shoes or accessories. So, I mentally noted that cloths are not a very good present for him.

In another occasion, I got him a modem. I thought it would surprised him and I thought at that time that I must have nailed a good one this time and he must be exited when he opened the box . I was so confidence about this because on one of the rare occasions, I was going with him to the JB Hi-Fi shop and pretended that I was interested with cables and what not stuff. And when we got to the modem part, we stopped for a while and he mentioned that he would like to get a new modem which was faster and (bla..bla *technical stuff*). So on the next day, I went to the shop and got the modem for him. When he opened the box, he said that apparently it was not good enough (*another technical stuff*) so we returned that back.

A few days before our anniversary, I called a few Apple dealers in Canberra and out of those dealers only one dealer at the ANU has an IPad in stock and it was only the 32G 3G Ipad. So I quickly went to the shop and got hold of that before someone else snapped it.

God Bless Steve Jobs to create that tablet! The Husband didn’t expect that he will get that as a present, he was so exited about it and really happy. Now he has it for almost two months and still fascinated by it. He took it to work on the first day he got it and showed it to his friends, he still taking it to work until now (like the work computerS- note the plurality in it- are not enough), he is playing with it whilst watching TV and even took it to gym! So, the IPad is the best present for my man so far. Thank you Apple and I wish they create something new at least twice a year for birthday, anniversary and season’s greetings.


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