5K Moment

Four months ago, a girlfriend told me that she is exercising using a program called couch to 5K. She told me that it is possible to run for 5K. I then started the couch to 5K training program with another girlfriend. I still remember how hard it was to make it to the end of our one minute run. It seemed like forever and I kept telling my friend that one minute of running seems to be very long and I was craving for those “you’ve finished one minute run and you can walk for another three minutes” voice notification from my iPhone.

Today, in the spirit of Anzac Day, I ran for 5K. It took me 16 weeks to complete what supposed to be a 9 weeks program because I went to Indonesia and the conditions didn’t allow me to continue my training there. I must admit, I am a slow runner. But despite the slowness, the shortness of my legs, and a longer time span that I need to finish a 5K run compared with some other people, I made it anyway. This fact alone made me feel really good.

This notion somehow reminds me of one of my students despair that after 25 hours a week studying outside the classroom time, she could not retain as much vocabulary as she would like. I told her, it will take about two to three weeks of studying and putting a gradual effort then she’ll be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. So I am sure if she keeps doing what she’s doing now and does not give up then by the end of her 16 weeks of studying, she’ll be able to speak Indonesian just like me running for 5K. At the end of her training, I wish her to feel really good about herself, like I do at this moment.


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