Canberra & Klepon

I went to the Indonesian ladies arisan today and a friend of mine brought some klepon there. The klepon was really nice and juicy with the brown sugar filling inside it. If I only eat the outer part of the klepon, then it is tasteless and I’ll definitely put it straight to the bin. But if I eat it as a whole, it tastes really good and eating only one will not be enough.

Sometime some of my friends who live in other states are wondering why people live in Canberra because they think it is boring, there is no beach nearby and it is comparatively colder than some Australian cities. I think their impression of Canberra is as if you just eat the outer part of the klepon and they didn’t really try the middle part of it. If they try to live here, then they’ll find out that Canberra is a very easy city to live in. It has gorgeous lakes, easy road to travel with no traffic jams, which makes our life more manageable and allows us to spend good quality time with our family & friends.

Indeed, Canberra is like a klepon where one has to taste it wholly in order to love it.


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