First Day in Osaka

I’m so exited that finally I am in Japan! The country that I have been dreaming to go to for a long time. The land of SKII, Shu Uemura, Haruki Murakami, Shushi and many other things that I am so in to.

We flew JetStar from Sydney on Saturday at 9 am, had about an hour transit in Gold Coast and by 7.30 pm (local time) we arrived in Osaka. There were no drama at the immigration and custom check out point. Then we were a bit confused when trying to buy the train ticket to Shinshaibashi from the airport.

The ticket machine is the same with the one that we saw in Singapore or KL. The only problem is the instruction and the place name are in Japanese. I do speak Japanese a little bit but I can’t read Kanji so we went to the ticket counter to buy the ticket instead of using the ticket vending machine.

Train was great and slowly my Japanese vocabulary came back to me. I was happy when I can understand the train announcement in Japanese that saying “the next stop is ….. , the door is closing”.

We stay in a hotel called Hearton hotel which is only about 5 minutes walk from the Shinsaibashi train station. We got this hotel from and it cost us less than AU$100 to stay here. The reception was really friendly and there were shops and restaurants nearby our hotel.

The room is really small for Damon but it was just perfect for small people like me. Even though it was small, I am quite surprised to see that they provide almost every items a guest might need, such as slipper, kimono style bathrobe, comb, toothpaste and toothbrush, sheishedo shampoo, conditioner and soap, heaps of towel, hairdryer, a small machine to make tea and it has a bath tub that is just in a perfect size for me. It also offered a free internet. So the first thing I did was updating my facebook status (*surprised..surprised*)Halloween people 🙂

After checking in, we went out for sight seeing near the hotel. It was mind boggling to see how the girls dress prettily with their make up and hair do. Plus it was a halloween here and some people dress up specifically for halloween, some people even wish us happy halloween.

We went to a nearby sushi restaurant and got a sushi platter for A$8.50. It was the best sushi that I have ever eaten so far (well.. I was just arrive anyway 🙂 ). One of the girls in the sushi shop can speak English so it does make ordering easier. The second stop was an Okinomiyaki shop nearby. No one speak English in this shop and I can not read the menu because it is in Kanji and even the pricing are in Kanji. So I ordered the food with my limited Japanese. I asked the girl in the shop whether she has Okonomiyaki and she said yes and show me the menu again. She then asked me what kind of Okonomiyaki that we wanted to order. I told her that we do not eat meat but eat prawn and fish and other seafood. So we settled with Okonomiyaki with prawn and squid. And we ordered the most interesting ice cream that came with egg. It looked a bit weird but tasted so delicious.

Back to the hotel, I soaked my self in a hot bath and gosh.. it was a great first day in Osaka 🙂


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