Ketupat Sayur

A few days ago I was craving for a ‘ketupat sayur’ (which is rice cube and veggie curry dish). So, after work, we went to the Asian groceries shop to buy ‘instant’ rice cube and the green papaya to make the curry. When we got home, I told my boyfriend that dinner will be ready in approximately 60 minutes.

Wow!! I thought, 60 minutes to made what used to be about 6 hours work in my mother’s days. This is really incredible! Plus I can eat it anytime I like, without need to wait for special occasions like the Eid Ul Fitr (the end of Ramadhan celebration). In the old days, I still remember how hard it is to make ‘ketupat sayur’ because first of all we have to buy the leaves from a certain coconut tree then made it for hosting the uncooked rice, put the uncooked rice inside the ‘host’…ugh..just to think about the process made me lost my appetite already. Nowadays the rice cube is available from the Asian groceries store, all we have to do is take it out from the packet and boil it for about 60-90 minutes, put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes, then voila!! it’s done. Plus grating the green papaya is so easy with the food processor, it only takes about 5 minutes to do it!!

Technology made our life seems to be more easier and made it possible for women to juggle their roles. But why some women are still complaining about the hardship of our life nowadays?

I remember my late grandma when she taught me how wash the clothes properly when I was visiting her in our hometown. She separates the clothes based on their colors and put it in a big wide bucket. Then we need to take the water from the well and pour it in to the bucket. My job at that time was pouring the water in to the bucket. Then we put the washing powder in each bucket, wash our feet then get in the bucket, pressing the clothes with our feet. Then we had to soak it for a while. After soaking it, we hand wash it,squeze the water out of the clothes and put it in the clothes drying rack outside the house. So, nowadays when I fell like complaining about the load of washing that we need to put into the washing machine and the dryer, remembering how hard it was in my grandma time, helps a lot to be grateful of what we have.

One day when I was heating up my lunch in the kitchen, there was a guy who said that he can’t imagine what it’s like living without a microwave. I told him that until I relocate to Singapore and Australia, I didn’t use microwave. He seems to be a bit surprised and ask how was it like then. So, I explained that we just need to warm up the food with the stove and pan. It’s lucky enough if we are able to have a gas stove. Some people have to use a kerosene based stove or even wood fire to warm up their food. Yes, it takes a lot longer than microwave but people work it out somehow.

Honestly if one ask my favorite appliances, it would be a dishwasher. Everytime I look at the dishwasher, I complitely feel blessed! My boyfriend seems can’t understand my fascination and why I really like to load and unload it everytime. Well… when I see the dishwasher, I look at my beautifully painted nails and feel happy that this machine save my nails for another day. Maybe this is sound ridiculous but before dish washer period, I rarely have my nails painted because it will chipped and from time to time my hands become rough and ugly from the dish washing liquid.

Maybe some women including myself complain about things in our life because we haven’t experienced or we forgot how hard life was before everything get easy, quick and electric.


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