A previous student of mine sent me his cliff swingging video ( After finished watching it, I felt my life so damn normal (and a bit boring). There is no cliff swinging, bungy jumping or even joy riding at all. Don’t get me wrong in here, I’d love to try it but I think those activities and me just don’t have it’s fate. Well… once I told Kevin (the cliff swinger student) that I’d love to come (maybe try) in one of his cliff swingging trips. Yet, I guess there was not chemistry between me and the cliff so I happened can’t make it to one of those interesting trips. So, my question is what kind of activities in our daily (probably) boring life that is worth it enough to put in youtube?

I remembered a few months ago I met a professor from my previous work in a social gathering function. We chatted and somehow it led into what food does she eat for lunch. She said that she eats lentils everyday. It’s very interesting (she said) because on Monday she usually has the yellow lentils and the brown one for Tuesday, it is altered and she got exited because she knows on Tuesday she’ll have a different colored lentils, even though it cooked all the same way and taste the same anyway. Is this interesting enough to be put in youtube?– well, I don’t think so.

It’s normal in a working world that every Friday people will ask ‘what do you up to for the weekend?’ question. Normally we do our laundry, grocery shopping, cooking for the rest of the week, eating out , watching footies and more footies. There is no drama or exitement except ‘oh.. I did manage to get in the Supermarket in time before it’s overcrowded so I don’t have to queue so long in the check out counter’ bit. Putting this weekend activity in youtube will put most of us drowsy.

Winter in Canberra has made me into a hosiery fetish girl. In fact, based on my calculation, I spent twice as my forthnight rental for the hosiery and underwears last month. Normally, I go for a normal black preferences, except for some delicate colorful lacy undies. Last week, I bought a red fishnet leggings and today I wear it to work with a black stocking underneath. For me, wearing a red legging is something really special and very unsual. However, I don’t think this is really a youtube material.

Ah..well..I come to term that most normal people like me don’t have any clue what we should put on youtube in order to show an unusual part of our normal life.


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