When Stuart turns into Jenny

I had a ‘sort-of’ double date dinner last night in La Rustica restaurant in Kingston that went on for three hours straight. I had a great time talking with the group as a whole (discounted my disconnection with my supposedly ‘date’ of the evening). There was one highlight that my friend’s husband told us about this guy who owned a security company in an Asian country who used to be a bloke and he turns into a sheila and some things somehow changed around him.

When a Stuart turns into a Jenny
Stuart was a handicap 4 and play in the white tee box. Jenny wants her rights as a woman to play in the blue tee box. The golf club management told her to play in the white tee box and there’s no way Jenny could play in that blue ones which was intended for ‘real’ women only. Jenny would like to take the golf club to court for this.

When a Stuart turns into a Jenny
He used to be a very tough guy in the business sector and complaining about the government’s policy to high rank government official who used to handled him differently. When he was a bloke, if he made this kind of unhappy comments and ranting about policy matters, the counterpart will told him to literally shut up and if he still doesn’t like it they can finish the thing ‘outside’. When he becomes a she the counterpart lost of words to say. All the counterpart can do was ‘Jenny… why don’t you calm yourself in the ladies room’.

When a Stuart turns into a Jenny
He used to chair a very important committee in that country. Then when he becomes Jenny, there were motion to move him from the position. Given the fact people know how good he was as a chairman yet discount needs to be made because he is a Jenny now. He used to play the game and replay it again as a woman. Her constant efforts paid off and at last she got her backing as if she was a he in the male dominated business.

The moral of the story is in some (most) cases a woman is still being treated differently than a man for the simple fact that woman is different than a man. So, what the talk and the fuss about feminism if in fact it needs a man in a woman body to proof herself worth it of she is.


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