(Another) conversation with my mom

My Mom.. how I love her so much!!
I make sure that I call her once a week and just chat with her for about an hour or so. I was so busy last weekend so didn’t get any chance near the phone and earlier this morning whilst organising my room, I called her.

“Oh..Ta, you didn’t call last Saturday, so I thought you might be busy. How are you dear?”
“Am fine Mom, I moved to Canberra now”
“Anyone help you with the move?”
“Nope, I did it myself, but I asked my neighbor’s help for one or two heavy things”
—–> General conversation opener

“Oh Mom, I’ve broke up with K”
“Alhamdulilah!!! (means: Thank God), I’ve been praying for this to happened and at last it happened. Oh… I ‘m so glad my dear, he is bad news for you. I think God has granted me my wish. So tell me how it happened, did you talk to him?”
“No..no.. I can’t get him remember? I left a voice message in his apartment’s number and emailed him and that’s all. I’m sorry mom for introducing him to you, I didn’t know this will end up like this. You know that I thought he was genuine and serious about me, yea? It’s part of my mistake as well, I trusted him because he was so nice while he was in here Mom. You know that he introduced me to his family, friends and we did lots of things together, we talked seriously Mom…”
“He’s just not for you my dear. Things happened for a caused, he is not a good guy and he does not care about you. Now the next step is try not to think about him anymore okay”
“Yes Mom, I don’t” (well.. I lied!! big time!! – he haunted me in my dreams, it’s terrible!!!)
“I’ll pray for you my dear. I am sure given time you’ll have someone very nice for you in the future. I know this because you have a very good heart”
—————-> on relationship

“How’s the kindergarten Mom?”
“There are too many students want to enroll. I can’t cope and will only open two classes”
“Why Mom?”
“As you know their monthly school fee is only Rp 40.000 (less than A$7) and it’s barely cover the materials, maintenance and the teachers, I can’t put the fee up because as you know they are very poor. Do you know Anis right? he is always come on top of the class, he doesn’t have a father and his mother is a veggie seller. So, how can he afford an increase in fee? If we give him a scholarship then everyone else would like to have one because they are more or less in the same situation”
“Why don’t you ask Elang (my brother) to email me the details about these very unfortunate children with the photos of the child and their living condition and give some details information about them. Who knows I can ask around, and maybe one of my students even want to sponsor a child. Well.. I’ll give it a try anyway”
—————> On our “TK Kak Shinta” kindergarten

“Ta.. I took a course on computer now”
“Wow!! that’s excellent Mom!!, so thus it means that you can email me now?” *laughing..*
“Oh..no..no..no… it’s far from that. I was learning how to type but I just didn’t have time to get into the computer. Your dad told me that it needs practice but I am just so busy with my grand-daughter, the kindergarten, and the house so didn’t have time at all”
“So… what do you learn then?”
“The teacher gave me something to type and I am learning excel”
*LoL* “What are you going to do with excel knowledge mom?? *lol* are you going to computised the kindies or what?”
“No… my classmates are all very young. They are all very fast and I’m still struggling in finding the letters in the keyboard. But my teacher is nice, if he gives me a task and I don’t complete them all, he said it’s okay and he understands. I always remember you if I’m in class because I think you are very smart, you type very fast and without even looking at the keyboard”
“Well.. at least you learn something mom, good on you!! I can’t wait until you learn to send me an email yea..”
———————–> on one of her activities

My Mom…
She was the one who dropped and picked me up from school for many years.
She was the one who I searched for once I opened the house door after school.
She was the one who asked me my daily highlights after school.
She was the one who turned our house in to a home.
She was the cheerfulness of our home.
She was the fussiness of our home.
She was the constant nagger in our life.
She was the the one who encouraged me to finally finished my schooling.
She is the one who keep saying “you can do it my dear” and somehow I did what ever I wanted to do.
She is the one who said “your heart is my heart, and if you get hurt, I get it more”
She does not need to contest and win miss universe
She is already the most beautiful woman in the world to me.
Just because she is my mom.
And I love her so.
Always and forever.

May God bless you Mom. Selalu dan selamanya.


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