Third day living in Canberra

Well here I am on my 3rd day living in Canberra. I spend my first day unloading my stuff from the car, assembling the table and organising my room. There are still heaps of clothes and stuff unorganised sitting on our hall and lounge area. I can’t wait to see until I work on it and the mess will magically dissapear in an organised way.

Yesterday I went out with my flatmate and end up buying Marquez’ one hundred Years of solitude, Rushdie’s Midnight Children, Coelho’s Eleven minutes and Manual of The Warrior of Light. Despite that I had to go through the hassle of paper work in order to buy firecrackers for my friend’s son. It is so cold in Canberra and the idea to light a firecracker under such weather can’t beat me with a book and a cup of herbal tea. So… thanks, but no thanks for me.

One thing that put me down a bit was the cafe culture. We had this Indonesian friend who just came from Jakarta to study and we took him around Fyshwick area (it’s a shopping district in Canberra — well..sort of) then we took him to Woden for coffee. It was barely 5 pm and no place, I repeat, NO place was open. Even the Krispy Cream shop was closed!! I have to bite my tongue in order not to make comparison with Sydney. I don’t want to begin my sentence with ‘In Sydney….’. Well.. hello, I am not in Sydney anymore and this is Canberra so better live with it or leave it. Still I miss Bade Manors in Glebe point road which open till 1 am in the morning.

My sleeping habit hasn’t gone to normality yet and I haven’t enroll to my usual activities because of the long weekend in Australia calendar. So, I am looking forward positively to Canberra and life won’t be so exiting but life is full of choices and this is my choice at this moment.


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