Au Revoir Sydney

Not so bland at all

Finally this is my last evening in my room at Bland Street in Ashfield. My neighbours initiated a curry farewell party for me and we decided to hold it in our place (ugh… might be this will be the last time I use ‘our place’ in this blog).

Despite the gushy wind earlier this morning, J & I unloaded my stuff from the car so we can head of to Rhodes shopping centre because J wants to redecorate our place. So there we were getting rugs, floor lamp, decorations and heaps of other things.

Short after 4 pm we got home. My task was to cook Indonesian beef curry and osso buco soup. I was planning to make some chicken curry as well yet didn’t have time to do so. J’s job is to clean the house, and Young will make another kind of curry and help in cleaning the kitchen.

At 6 pm, the door rang, my friend from the office was dripping wet from the heavy rain. It’s very nice of him to come to our party. He always a joy to be with and it was great to have him around. He was the first one who came to the party and we were not ready at all!! How embarrassing was that. I was still in my cooking clothes, J was in her decorating mood, and Y just came back from work and cleaning her room and the kitchen. It was a total mess. Luckily my friend didn’t mind, he popped in the kitchen, asking whether he can help with anything and we ‘assigned’ him with J. After about 3 minutes he returned and said “I better off in the kitchen” .. we were laughing then.

The others came at around 8 pm and we hang out in the lounge. My Indonesian friend, Deva, came to my surprise. I thought he was just being polite when he said he’ll come to my party. There he was dripping wet but still came anyway. Then at around 11 pm my Chinese friend pop by to say goodbye. We were in teary eyes because we feel like losing a good office mate and very good friend all together.

Highlight of the event was at around 10-ish when I made a toast to everyone. The feeling was totally different. There they were the people that creates my world. I remember I first met Jacky about 10 months ago when I tried to find a place to stay for the night after my ex husband literally throw me out of our apartment. It was cold and dark and I was tired because I have been to so many places that day and can’t find any place that I like enough to share. I was thinking that after meeting J, if it wasn’t work then I’ll get myself to a hotel for the night and start again the day after. She was nice, she gave me a peck in the cheek– she said it was a South American greeting– and made comment on my poncho. The place look pleasant and it was all girls place, so I said yes to J and she accompanied me to the nearest ATM to pay for my bond and boarding. Since then we talk and met especially in dinner time. It was good.

Young is the sweetest girl that I’ve ever met. She has this kind of niceness aura around her. She gives meaning to the word ‘giving’ because its her natural demeanor. I love her throughly. She is intelligent, hard working, has a ‘go for it’ personality, very very very kind. Everytime I look at her, I think that any man who ended up with her will be such a lucky person. Very lucky. And I am glad at this moment she dated my neighbour–what a convinience!!– hopefully he realise how lucky he is.

My neighbours in unit 3 are the closest neighbours for me. Mei is like a sister, we visited each other sometimes in wee hours and just talk. If I feel sad, I knocked on their door and just blabbering about things and sometimes I cried. Sometimes I was just sad or just sharing my story. They said what they’ll miss the most about me not around is the story of my life which equivalent with watching Korean drama in a live show. Mark is always honest and sometimes (or most of the time) gave me a tough love comments about things around me. There were times where I feel it was too much because I don’t want to hear about those bad things about me which I already knew but I don’t want to acknowledge. All in all it was fantastic because I might shut myself from his comments but then start to open my eyes in different ways and sometimes I take his feedback, sometimes I don’t. All the times, I appreciate them.

Nicky, Toru and Zen are the kind of family that people would think they are lucky enough to even to be near them. They seem to be very content with their life. Zen is a very clever boy who is billingual in Japanese and English. Nicky is a ‘DIY’ lady from yoghurt, jewellery to furniture and household accessories. She is just amazing. I don’t really know Toru yet he seems to be a very good guy.

Aaron and Jack are my neighbours downstairs. Aaron had Jack for 3 days a week during weekend because Jack is with his mom on the other days. I remembered that I met him at the clothes lines, he greeted me with his friendly manners and we started talking every now and then since that time. There were times on a saturday morning where I just popped up for coffee and chatted or went together for grocery shopping because he has a car. I am so glad that he and Young are seeing each other now. They make me believe that people somehow hook up with their other halfs unintentionally. In this case, they are two nicest people whom I know in Sydney and they do belong to each other. I hope this will last.

I will miss the smell of our entrance when I get in to the building. I’ll miss the cat which keep me startled when I came back home late at night. I’ll miss our shabby staircase and the thought of changing the carpet into a more lighter and plain color. I’ll miss searching for the key to my apartment door. I’ll miss saying ‘hello’ to sometimes empty house because my flatmates are not there yet. I’ll miss the cooking, the noise that we’ve made, the smell of food, the diner in the lounge where J, Young and I talking together. I’ll miss the laughters and conversation with them. I’ll miss the occasional ‘F***’ words from one of my flatmates. I’ll miss my small but warm and nice bedroom. I’ll miss my neighbours!! I’ll miss walking from my house to my Haberfield Fernwood gym. I’ll miss Amelia, my gym trainer. I’ll miss the footpath from the house to the bus stop. I’ll miss the hi and bye with the neighbours along the way from the apartment to the bus stop. I’ll miss meeting new people in the bus stop. Ah… I’ll miss Sydney all the way through.

Maybe I will be back again in the future after everything in my life back to it’s normal equilibrium. Then… I’ll be more than ready for Sydney. I’ll be Sydneysider once more.


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