Counting from one to ten

Today is a big day for me just because I need to organise a lot of things following my move to Canberra. So after invigilating the final semester written test and went to the GPO Box to check mailbox, I had to go home and get my siesta.

To my wonderful surprise, my Korean flatmate was there because she decided to take a break from work and just relaxing at home. Here we were talking about the subject that seem to have endless resources which is our boyfriend (or ex-es). Then, I just drifted out and finally got the siesta that I needed.

Since I need to organise my office, we went to the office in the evening, my flatmate helped me with materials re-organisation. Then we went back home at around 1 am. On the way home, there was a police check point for drink driving.

The young policeman showed me his breath test device and ask me to count one to ten. I thought he was kidding..
“Have you drink any alcohol?”
“Could you please count from one to ten?”
“What do you mean by that? ”
“Just count from one..two..”
“Oh..okay.. one,two,three….ten”
“May I see your driving license please?”
“Yes, certainly”

I was a bit confused because the test seems to be very easy. I just wondering if is there anyone who get too drunk to a point that he/she can’t count from one to ten?

In our case, we could have say to the officer “yes.. in what language do you want sir?”


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